About our candles

Meet Monica Woods, the passionate owner of AB&G. From an early age, Monica began crafting candles and delightful gifts for her loved ones, experimenting with soy and various waxes. However, it was a challenging experience in 2017, when she faced a health issue resulting in the loss of her pregnancy, that ignited her journey to uncover the causes behind her health concerns. Determined to create products that would be gentle on the body, Monica embarked on extensive research to find ingredients with minimal impact on both our well-being and the environment.

At AB&G, our heartfelt desire is to offer candles that bring genuine joy without any negative effects. After thorough exploration, we discovered the incredible benefits of coconut wax, widely regarded as one of the healthiest waxes available.

With unwavering dedication, we meticulously formulate our candles in small batches to ensure unmatched quality. Each fragrance is carefully selected to foster a soothing atmosphere, perfect for self-care. Our candles are lovingly hand poured, utilizing a luxurious blend of natural coconut and apricot wax. This remarkable combination results in a cleaner burn, emitting less soot and smoke compared to many other waxes on the market. Not only does coconut wax deliver an amazing hot throw, but it also burns significantly longer than most alternatives.

Our concrete vessels, poured by AB&G with simplicity and elegance, are truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike glass, concrete effortlessly handles the heat of the candle, making it easier to handle. Even after a complete burn, these vessels can be easily cleaned and repurposed, adding to their allure and sustainability.

Adding our candles to your home decor is a delightful choice, and they also make exceptional gifts for your loved ones. When enjoying the cozy glow of our candles, please remember to follow the safety instructions provided on the care card and warning label.

Welcome to the world of AB&G, where we infuse warmth, quality, and safety into every candle we create. Enhance your surroundings and indulge in the comforting ambiance we offer.